Live action

Created By

Sam Riami

Main Cast

Jake T.Austin
Bailey Madison
Tobey Maguire
Bruce Campbell

Opening Theme

Country of Origin

United States

No. of seasons


No. of episodes


Original Run

2009-2012 22 minutes


The Series is about two teenage super heroes Known as the RottenVenom who fights against crime...



  • Michael Amanita (Jake T.Austin), Skye's best friend and the most powerful of the RottenVenom
  • Skye Ciel (Bailee Madison), Michael's best friend and the most clever of the RottenVenom
  • Peter-Eddie "P-E" Amanita (Tobey Maguire), Michael's big brother and a retired RottenVenom turned reporter...
  • Ash Amanita (Bruce Campbell), Michael's father and founder of the RottenVenom who serves as a mentor to the kids...


  • Tony Maserati (James Gandolfini) (season 1), a mafia boss and one of the RottenVenom's most dangerous enemies...
  • Gary Bueller (Josh Hutcherson), (season 1-2), Skye's abusive former babysitter who becomes a super villain after discovering her secret...
  • Jean-Luc Amanita (Bruce Campbell), Ash's french cousin and Michael and Peter-Eddie's uncle who is an accomplished burglar.
  • Killove (voiced by Robert Englund) (season 2-3), the ghost of a serial killer who wants the RottenVenom to be dead.

Gallery Edit

Michael Skye

Michael and Skye

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