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The series follows the adventures of Akiko, a japanese old lady that creates inventions for not to go to retirement house

Characters Edit


  • Akiko Korusawa (Takako Mojutsiku) is a 90 years old retired inventor and the protagonist of the show.
  • Kenny Exdee (Jake Short) is Akiko's teenage neighbour and Best Friend who has a crush on Akiko.
  • Tucker Dale as (Bradley Steven Perry) is Kenny's best friend who is unaware of his friendship with Akiko

Recurring Edit

  • Henry Exdee (John Hurt) is Kenny's grand father who has a crush on Akiko.
  • Yoshi (Kazunori Yamauchi) is Akiko's nephew and a racing car driver.

Episodes Edit

  • 1) Konishiwa : Kenny moves on to his new house and meets Akiko.
  • 2) Forever Young : Akiko invents a youth potion to avoid retirement house
  • 3) Sorry Ma'am, I'm Too Old for that : one of Akiko's inventions causes her to swap bodies with Kenny...

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