Henry Monstermonkey is the twenty-ninth episode of Henry's Huggletoons.

Plot Edit

After Henry accidentally switches his skin with a Monstermonkey, the rest of his family mistake the Monstermonkey for him.

Characters Edit

  • Henry Hugglemonster
  • Cobby Hugglemonster
  • Summer Hugglemonster
  • Momma Hugglemonster
  • Daddo Hugglemonster
  • Monstermonkey

Voice cast Edit

Chris Diamantopoulos as Henry Hugglemonster

Chiara Zanni as Cobby Hugglemonster

Hynden Walch as Summer Hugglemonster

Lori Alan as Momma Hugglemonster

Tom Kenny as Daddo Hugglemonster

Trivia Edit

  • This is the second episode to show all the main characters except Beckett and Ivor (Ivor doesn't appear on Huggletoons at the time and Beckett is absent for an unknown reason), the first being Cobby the Captain).

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