Derrick 12th Grade Style is the 2011-2012 season of The Derrick Show. This marks the final season.

Main CastEdit

  • Derrick Phagans
  • Keyona Pope
  • Shalyn Griffin
  • Courtney Smith
  • Corey Washington

Recurring CharactersEdit

  • Leslie Croom
  • Melvin Nelson
  • Etienne Dorsey
  • Brittany Jackson

Guest StarsEdit

  • Cashondra Roberson
  • Riddick Franklin
  • Crystal Brown
  • WWE Superstar John Cena
  • Justin Bieber


  1. Move On In
  2. School Uniforms
  3. Drivin' Me Crazy
  4. Big Man On Campus
  5. Delsuional
  6. Me's A Crowd
  7. See You in Court
  8. Halloween Haunted
  9. SATs
  10. Battle of the Bands (One Hour Special)
  11. Top Rope Drama
  12. Boot Camp
  13. Snow Day
  14. Bieber Fever
  15. Story Time
  16. Senior Showcase
  17. Cupid's Arrow
  18. Day at the Beach
  19. College Road Trip
  20. Senior Skip Day
  21. Spring Break
  22. Senior Prank Day
  23. Senior Prom (One Hour Special)
  24. Its Up to You
  25. Graduation Day (One Hour Series Finale)

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