Becky vs. Mortecai is a new 10 episode mini series that will premiere on June 14th 2018, it follows shortly after hiro and his sister, Becky, reunite with each other and finally defeat Paul. Now starting up a new life with her new family, Becky forgets about her fake- dad( Mordecai hamada ,who stole her when she was three). When hiro suddenly disappears, Becky begins to think that mortecai is probably behind this.

Number of seasons:1 Number of episodes:10 . cast: Jamie Chung as Becky and go go tamago . Ryan potter as hiro hamada . tj miller as Fred . Scott adsit as baymax . Damon waynes Jr. As wasabi . genesis Rodriguez as honey lemon . paul Briggs as mortecai, a child stealing villian who takes away hiro and turns him evil

                                    Katy Lowes as Ava

. Seth green as buddy, a slacker who helps Becky find hiro. .

Trivia: Jeffy never shows up in the entire series.

 featuring the songs "let you down" by nf
 and "robot boy" by Lincoln  park.