Big hero 6:jody's story is a Disney channel original movie set to come out on April 1st, 2018, it's about a 13 year old outcast named Jody gyro, who's now trying to deal with a bratty teenage girl named Tiffani wexter, who took away poor jody's parents and somehow got away with it. Well trying to get her old life back, Jody ends up living with hiro Hamada,who (along with his friends) try to help Jody get her family back.

Starring:Ryan potter as hiro, Sarah vowel as Jody, Scott adsit as baymax, April lee Hernandez as Tiffani wexter,Katy mixon as Carrie, the vary first female cyborg in history, Fred " accidentally" created her, tj miller as Fred, Damon waynes Jr. As wasabi,Jamie Chung as go go tamago, genesis Rodriguez as honey lemon, Maya Rudolph as hiro's aunt, Daniel henney as hiro's deceased older brother,Tara strong as tiffani's allies.

Detected by: Don hall and Chris Williams

Produced by: Roy conli and John lassater

Trivia: Jody's voice actress was originally going to be minty Lewis

Futuring the songs "shut up and dance with me" by walk the moon, "radioactive" by imagine dragons and " centuries" by fall out boy.