Hiro vs. Becky is a seven episode mini series that will premiere on June 1st 2018, it's about hiro and his friends trying to deal with a new villian who turns out to be hiro's older sister.

Number of seasons:1

Number of episodes:7

Cast Ryan potter as hiro hamada and Elijah, wasabi's new neighbor Scott adsit as baymax Jamie Chung as go go tamago and Becky Genesis Rodriguez as honey lemon T.j miller as Fred Damon waynes Jr. As wasabi Brooks wheelen as jeffy the robo-fox Paul Briggs as cop #1 Alan tudyk as Paul, Becky's old lab partner and now a villain who tries to kill her and hiro Seth green as cop#2 Maya Rudolph as aunt cass,hiro and Becky's aunt and owner of the lucky cat cafe Katy lowes as Ava,honey lemon's new lab partner

Trivia Jeffy the robo-fox bares a sharp resemblance of the Pokemon unbreon

Futuring the songs "iridescent" by Lincoln park and "it ain't me" by kygo and Selena Gomez and "riptide" by Vance joy.